about the probtrader program

Trade with the probabiliteis not against them

Every trader knows that probabillity has a hugh impat on the outcome of their trades. Using the right strategy can help you increase profitiabillity in any market condition. Use my course to gain the right tools to trade profitibaillity using probabiliteis.

When we look for trades we need the right strategy. You can have an amazing risk reward ratio on a trade but if you don’t have a good strategy you can lose the opertunity.

When entering a trade we must asses the probabillity of making money. It doesn’t matter what the stock is going to do you must have the probillities in your favor regardless of what the stock is going to do.

Trading stocks is like cooking good food. You must practice your craft. In some cases we are going to have losing trades that’s where the art of adjustment comes into place. We are going to go over how to adjust a losing trade and make it into a profitiable one.

When entering a trade we must asses the risk we are taking. Every person has different risk tolerance and that’s why with my program you can decide what’s the risk you are comfotrable with.

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